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Advantages of the system “Drop by drop”

Drip irrigation represents evenly and slowly irrigate plants. Save your time and your money easily and adjusts each plant provides the required amount of water.
Drip irrigation has many advantages over irrigation sprinklers:

Water goes where it is needed and
One of the biggest advantages of this type of irrigation is to add water directly to plant roots. The strips are placed so that they are directly next to the plant, so that only irrigated root zone. Water goes directly to plant roots.

Save water
– Utilization of water. The fact that the irrigated root zone only, not wet down the paths and not watered parts where there are no plants, reduces the amount of water for watering.
Good installations
-System Drip is relatively inexpensive irrigation system and easy to install.
-Ravnomerno And precise watering
There’s no stress for plants due to sudden changes in moisture regime.
-Occurrence of weeds
-For Irrigation only in the root zone, reduced the occurrence of weeds because there is no undue wetting the surrounding surface.
-A wide application
-For A variety of terrain configuration and different types of land. The strips are broadcasters who fail to varying amounts of water (2-12 liters per meter). Based on the characteristics of the terrain, water and plant water requirements, defines the proper mode of irrigation by which it selects the tape for irrigation.

Suitable for fertigation

-System Drip is ideal for feeding plants water-soluble fertilizers, because this way there is dosage and application of food directly into the root zone of the plant.
I do not require special maintenance
When once set, drip system does not require any maintenance. All that is required is to determine a proper regime of irrigation system and refill with water.