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Tapes Irrigation

When it comes to systems drop by drop, in addition to all the necessary parts and equipment available to you, we have the world’s top product, the tape irrigation T-Tape, which is witnessed by its quality and well-known manufacturers at home and abroad for its uniformity emissions on large row lengths, and row after occlusion of broadcasters. The most commonly used tape wall thickness of 150 microns. It should be noted that the strips with small spacing between drippers 10 cm and 15 cm and a large amount of water flow 10 and 13.5 l / m ‘/ h seldom clog.

Laser-cut emitters let you set these tapes and below the surface of land, without fear of clogging, so that the strip with greater wall thickness used for sub irrigation (SSDI) primarily in the production of potatoes, carrots and onions. Tapes with distance of 20 cm and 30 cm between the emitter and a capacity of 2.5 l / m ‘/ h and 3.4 l / m’ / h has the highest maximum length laterals, while the bar diameter of 9 mm and very affordable prices, with drippers at 15 cm and the emission of 6.8 l of water per meter per hour, use the maximum length of lines up to 50 m.

T-Tape strips are available in a wide range of models depending on the wall thickness, diameter and water emissions which allows the manufacturer to find the optimal solution in order to achieve maximum yield cultivated culture.